Taking Care Of Your Feet As A Diabetic


As a diabetic, it will be necessary to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Your feet are likely to be number than those who do not suffer from diabetes. Since it is easy for an infection to set in with a cut and healing is slower, you will need to pay careful attention to your feet. For those who have prior issues with their feet, here are some ways to make sure that your feet remain problem free.

21 October 2018

3 Common Sources Of Foot Pain For Runners


Is running your preferred form of exercise? Running can be one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to stay in shape. If you're like most runners, your daily jog is an important part of your day. Unfortunately, running can also take a toll on your feet. Most runners deal with foot pain at some point. Often the pain can be reduced with some rest and icing, and perhaps a change in shoes or running form.

25 July 2018

How A Night Splint Might Help Relieve Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain


The pain from plantar fasciitis can be felt in your heel and along the bottom of your foot. Swelling of the tissue can cause stiffness and pain as you move your foot when walking. Pressing on your heel can often cause pain as well. Calf, heel, and foot stretches are often prescribed for plantar fasciitis to help work out the stiffness associated with the condition. While you can do the stretches often during the day, you aren't able to do them at night when you sleep, and that can cause intense pain when you first start walking in the morning.

23 March 2018

4 Tips For Caring For A Diabetic Foot Wound


Living with diabetes can be a real challenge. It's essential to take the necessary medications and to keep track of your blood sugar levels. One of the common issues that arise for many in this situation is having foot wounds. These can have a negative impact on your daily life, and you'll want to do all you can to help these heal in the shortest amount of time. Being aware of specific tips that can help accomplish this is certain to be helpful if you're in this predicament.

6 February 2018

Symptoms And Treatments For Sesamoiditis Caused By Cycling


Cycling is an intense sport that is physically demanding. It's important to use proper equipment to protect your body from harm due to posture problems and the repetitive motion of cycling. The sport can be particularly hard on your feet, especially if you don't wear proper shoes and maintain good form. Stress on the feet can cause foot and knee pain. One injury you can get from cycling is sesamoiditis. These are the symptoms you notice and how the condition is treated:

1 September 2017

3 Reasons To Invest In Custom Orthotics


Your feet do a significant amount of work each day. Any time you walk or run, your feet are absorbing a tremendous amount of weight and pressure. Keeping your feet in the proper position while you're in motion will help to alleviate pain and prevent potential injuries. Orthotics can play a beneficial role when it comes to aligning the feet properly. While you might think that purchasing a pair of orthotics from your local sporting goods store is sufficient, you could experience greater benefits from custom orthotics.

25 July 2017

5 Tips For Recovering From A Sprained Ankle


One of the more common types of injuries may involve having a sprained ankle. This can prevent you from being as mobile as you'd like to be and may wreak havoc on your routine. However, knowing what to do in a situation of this type for the fastest possible recovery is ideal. Learning tips that can aid in your recovery can be extremely helpful for you. Tip #1: Rest frequently

14 June 2017